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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The King & Queen chopper seat.

a few years back I used to ride the White Lightning and it was a total 70's cocaine white pavement shredder..Bad ass..not for everybody (trust me I confused enough folks around the way)..this a few years back when no one was rockin 70's chops. If you were then you probably had been rippin around on that cycle since the 70's my man....the White lightning had a King & Queen seat and sissy bar and I loved cruising with my old lady's Knees in the breeze.she sat up high and her knees and thighs acted as an armrest..unfortunately no pic of us on it together but here is the it was then.I then sold that frame like a dumb-ass and rebuilt it as what you see here 2-3 years ago. I went with the solo seat thing and realized it wasnt as much fun anymore.sure I thought it looked killer but it was a solo rider.I just recently picked up a vintage Corbin K & Q seat and its going back on.

here are some killer shots of the King and Queen style..right on

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