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Im the owner and Master Barber @ The Stepping Razor Barbershop in Brooklyn NY located at 257 Varet st. between Bogart and White st. L train to Morgan ave. Barbershop is located inside POST BMX shop in back. I'm also the rythm guitar and singer for The Cool and Deadly.Brooklyn punky-reggae psychedelic dub band. So keep on the righteous living..eazy breezy in the vida loca.This is my blog "Doobies by the river" its features Cool tunes,Motorbikes,hot wheels and high heels. Welcome to my trip, maybe you dig it too. Contact:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Motorboatin" hell yeah bro

I know not everybody digs on some boating action.. but the shit is cool.and I gotta say I love sailboats and shit..and I know thats livin right but dude come on..1940's wooden speadboats are the bizness 4 REAL..........................................




Right On

another 70's chopper chick

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hangin Tuff at the BBQ shack.. righteous livin to the max.............

Rad AD

being the sucker for advertisement and packaging that I am.....well come on man..this ad screams
Doobies by the river for christ's sake !

Thursday, April 15, 2010

my 13th B-day

For my 13th B-day I was optimistically awaiting to get a GT BMX bike.
I had never had a good bike.The bike before this particular one was bought at the flea market for $20 so to think my pops was gonna drop a few hundred on a bicycle "something he or my mom never had" was absolutely ridiculous.Never the less they did drop much more than they wanted to on a Huffy Vortex. They bought it at a department store for about $128 which was alot of needed cash to them in 1989.Anyway I was super psyched anyway cuz my last joint was some purple batman looking bike from the 60's..Now the Huffy Vortex was a Batman looking ride from 2027 ! I upgraded.  sweet!    Wheel discs !

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Panel paint job is so tuff man
Check out the spiderweb action...and the rad sunset scene between the custom bubble windows..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cosmic van.....

I actually should've scanned the other photo with the owner in it showing off his grizzley beard , fishing bucket hat and super sweet 70's daisy duke denim cut-offs ! But it was a B&W photo so instead I settled for this full color shot of one of the most bad ass vans to cruise the asphalt disco.

good clean 70's fun..

70's choppers and 70's chicks are a great combo if I say so myself

My Pops ride. 73 Javelin AMX..check out the boots !

This is the ad for the Javelin AMX and thats me and the old man cool profiling on the hood.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Get my fitness on.

Ok its time now. I gotta get my fitness on.Its April.The weather is getting nicer and
soon I will be cool breezin on the beach.So that said its work out time.and what better way to get on with your calistenics routine then to rock with the kung fu disco ! Its the way...

Lookin sharp...........

Classy blade.1970's Italian Stiletto.Im diggin the coral pearl handle.
This blade don't go in the pockets of your torn up Levis my friend..
It smoothly slides into the front pockets of your matching Coral 
Guayabera shirt so that you have quick access for when you gotta slice up
some know. summer style..

Man I really miss "White Lightnin"

I took out my motor 2 years ago and the wheels and sold everything else.
wish I never did.Some dude drove to Brooklyn from South Carolina and
grabbed it up cuz it was goin cheap.had to move it quick.Tuff keeping an
unrollable Chopper in your kitchen..But searchin for a similar frame if anybody
got one let me know.1978 Honda CB750

This dude is soooo LIVIN . he's definately sparkin doobies by the river

A woody and a wooden is good

Gotta get these jeans ! ACTION JEANS

Clearly I must get a pair to be in full action at my next gig with The Cool and Deadly !
This is definately holding us back! Im getting a pair for all of us! We should all have minimum crotch resistance..Not to mention the maximus kick I'll be executing when I jump off stage and roundhouse the promoter  !

Sexy roof..Lace paint job..Prince would be proud

Man I wish I was in Cali ! People out there got it down when it comes to getting your wheels looking righteous ! East coast got its fair share of good works but when it comes to you cant fuck with the lowrider culture out there.these particular flicks were taken of some work done over at Imperial Customs..Homeboy definately knows what he's doin.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Naked skater chicks ruling the streets !

The chick in the front bustin off the nude Koochie handplant is wreckin shop..but her gal pal in the back is just too cold..busting that pose on the tail lean back.

Old Puerto Rican dudes roll hard in Brooklyn

Classic Bushwick wheels.You catch them out on beautiful days 
like today.this particular ride is called DESTINY..LOL.
I know this cuz it says so on the windshield in matching bright 
ass yellow like this tweety bird paint job he's rockin.
check out the cocaine white leather interior papi. 
"suave...claro que si".
These dudes do got the killer cars in the hood
and they love the shit of them.

Princess Warrior van mural.. ill 70's shit

My old lady and I had seen this van for sale in Massachusetts a while back.. check out the warrior princess mural..she's got 2 dinosaurs on a leash !  sweet !

Friday, April 9, 2010

Clean that neckline and splash up with some Bay Rum



The Stepping Razor Barbershop

257 Varet st.
Brooklyn NY
located inside POST BIKE SHOP
Btwen Bogart + White st
L Train to Morgan ave